Ben McMillan

Ben McMillan
October 16, 2016 Rawadmin

“I’ve been in LA for almost two years now and lived in downtown for almost a year. I taught myself how to make tacos and I was inspired by the taco culture here in LA. The homeless epidemic that’s striking the city is day and night for me so I thought if there was something I could do with my taco cart, I could help feed these people as long as I’m in the position to do it. It was unique for a lot of people to see and it was well received by a lot of customers.

I was pushing my taco cart on the street and a family came up to me from Kansas and the little boy asked for a taco and the mom said “he doesn’t have time for you.”  From then I knew I had to do something; from then the ticket voucher program was born. Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles from 10 pm to 3 am is exciting. I go out and my job is in an area that is so unorthodox, and those people that inhabit that area are unique and from different walks of life from the guy in the Bentley to the guy who pushes a shopping cart that is also his home. I’m fortunate to do this job because of the people that I meet.”

Director Bryan Alano

DP Jose Cortes

Producer Brenda Mendez

Photographer Parth Sutaria

Editor Jose Cortes

Colorist Jose Cortes

Writers Iya Sibala

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