Camillo Love, designer.

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 “I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship. There’s something about someone who has an idea, and they create that idea into something real. I’m a pretty big guy and I couldn’t find a pair of jeans for myself, [so] that had me thinking about creating my own jeans. I couldn’t afford to do it like everyone else, [so] I had to get the experience. I had to figure everything out for myself. I got one sewing machine and started sewing in my living room.
For me, being in DTLA is a big plus. I can actually walk down the street, you know, listening to my music, and there are several denim wholesalers. On any given day, I can just go there and they’ll have a shipment in of nice, new Japanese denim, and I could just order it. This is my workplace. This is where I cut and sew all the jeans, in the heart of the fashion district.
I am my own pattern maker. I’m the cutter. I’m the sewer. I’m my own P.R. person. I’m a marketer. I package everything up and I send it out. What’s amazing about my business is that I know every customer I’m selling a pair of jeans to. It’s passionate from beginning to end. I think that makes me a lot different from the bigger companies. The jeans only touch two hands: the person who is making it and the person who is going to wear it.”

PRODUCERS Lizette Lopez and Javier Lopez
PHOTOGRAPHERS Parth Sutaria, Zea Huizar, Brenda Mendez
EDITOR Hanna Sturwold
COLORIST Jose Cortes
WRITERS Ray Villasenor and Cathy Doherty

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