Carolina Fontoura Alzaga, artist.

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“[This] goes back to my family. My family always sort of made beautiful things. [In fact], my mom was really good at making beautiful environments out of very little, [and] being super resourceful and creative with the materials that were around her, and [that] kind of imbued itself in me.
It’s my hope that people take so many different things from the Connect Series. One of them being this general re-evaluation of what is beautiful—taking the time to look at objects that you would normally overlook and finding beauty in [their] imperfection. I remember being at demonstrations and seeing banners that’d say “another world is possible,” and to me, every new model that I create is a vision of what those potential worlds could look like. My greatest hope is that, [when] these chandeliers hang in spaces, people are prompted to reflect upon what those possible worlds are.
I definitely feel a sense of responsibility for being considerate about my impact in absolutely every aspect of my life. I remember just kind of growing up and never really thinking about where my trash went. And I think that within this culture of planned obsolescence, a characteristic of capitalism, it’s a very dangerous approach to have in our daily lives.”

DIRECTOR Bryan Alano
DP Jose Cortes
PRODUCER Cathy Doherty

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