Sarkis Vartanian

Sarkis Vartanian
September 1, 2016 brendamendez
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“The entire food concept is about organic and it’s nutrition. The entire menu, the entire concept is behind nutrition. Ninety percent of our drinks and our ingredients are organic.

You have to produce a really great product and to produce a great product is not that simple. You have to be on top of it. Usually I spend a lot of time at night at home cooking and playing with things and if I like it then I make it a special. We’re lucky in California and in Los Angeles especially. Our farmers markets are really rich. We have amazing vendors that work with us, it’s a lot of inspiration.

I wanted to do something that I really enjoyed. I got tired of the corporate world. I definitely bring what I grew up with, I don’t know, it’s like my heritage, but definitely inspired by my mom’s cooking. I guess that’s part of my heritage. She cooks every single day now, isn’t that crazy. She’s 70 years old and she cooks every day, no matter what. This wasn’t a planned career. I was in the fashion business for many years. The idea was to be more health centric and be able to provide the average people with healthy food. ”

DIRECTOR/DP Marijo Saulon and Jose Cortes

PRODUCER Zea Huizar and Maggie Mirrione

EDITOR Jose Cortes


WRITER Tyler Holland

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