Robert Vargas, artist.

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“My reference points of downtown go back further than just the last ten years that I’ve lived here. My connection with downtown is much more personal…I spent many nights as a kid just staring at the downtown skyline. For me, downtown represented a possibility. I would visit my mom at the Clifton’s Cafeteria where she worked…It’s great to walk up and down the streets and remember.
LA has always been a destination but downtown has never been. I think what’s happening to downtown with gentrification is a plus. What’s happening in downtown Los Angeles right now is fresh and exciting, and really kind of setting the stage for the next 20 years. It is really poised to be the melting pot of the twenty first century. I always felt an artist has the ability to shape the way a city’s history is written and through my work I think I’ve been able to contribute to that.
As a long time artist here, I use Art Walk as a platform to bridge that connection between why we live in downtown and what our culture is here. This is a neighborhood above everything else. You know, between the guy that works in the financial district or the homeless person, they’re all inhabiting LA as well as the creatives. I like people to connect with my work with some kind of emotion that lets them know that I seem them, that I connect with them.”

PRODUCERS Lizette Lopez and Javier Lopez
EDITOR Abi Prieto
COLORIST Jose Cortes
WRITERS Iya Sibala and Cathy Doherty

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